Pharma14 Price Indextm

Pharma14 global medicine prices include ex-factory, wholesale, retail prices and reimbursed status across the 35 counties we cover. Additional countries will be added monthly. View demo

We at pharma14 believe in flexibility. We do not limit our customers to buying full countries and regions in order to get the drug prices they need. With our platform you can select individual drugs from any number of countries. If your organization requires the price of a single drug from a single country that is no problem. We have priced these options within anyones reach.
There are 2 package sizes available where the price per medicine drops as the package size increases.

  • $45 per medicine - 1-10 medicines
  • $35 per medicine - 10+ medicines

One medicine price consists of all the medicine combinations that the main active ingredient may appear in.

For example:

If you require the price of  Amlodipine in Spain you will receive all the prices for all the medicines and all pack sizes for that molecule. In this case you would be seeing 56 medicine rows with full information and prices in your purchased results.

A medicine is considered a single molecule from a single country.
Atorvastatine prices in Spain is one medicine price - $45/year.
Sildenafil prices from the EU 15 countries would be 15 medicine prices - 15 x $35/year.

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Full single country: $2500/country.
Multiple countries: $2000/country.
Global database: $15,000/35 countries (over 350,000 medicines and their prices)



Pharma14 Price Indextm

Pharma14 Price Indextm Cost Table

Selective medicines selection. Prices updated monthly.
Number of Medicines Prices available for 1 year (updated monthly)
1-10 $45 per medicine
10+ $35 per medicine
Full country selection

Single country database - $2500

Multiple country database - $2000/country

Full pharma14 country database (35 countries) - $15,000