EU and Japan are victims of global drug shortages

The global issue of shortages in drug supply is one that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Due to this, governments around the world are finding it increasingly difficult to mitigate this concern and keep up with the high demand of several API’s and raw materials to meet this growth in consumer demand.
In this instance, Japan and the EU are finding it particularly difficult to increase the production of generic drugs to relieve the pressure on the pharmaceutical supply chain.
So far in 2022, Japan has seen a shortage of more than 2,000 generic drugs.
Between the years of 2000 and 2018, drug shortages in the EU have witnessed a 20 fold increase for reasons ranging from manufacturing problems to pricing issues.
By virtue of Europe’s over-reliance on overseas API manufacturing, the EU are now encouraging Member States to produce and manufacture API’s in their respective local countries to reduce the dependency on their neighboring counterparts as 80% of API’s are already being sourced from outside the European Union. 
Pharma14 has an integrated Medicine Shortages module that allows you to view, track and compare worldwide drug shortages, easily defined by each country.
The data tracks the product name, API, reporting date, estimated renewal date, the reason for the shortage and much more presented in real time, all in one place.
Having this information allows you to expand your geo-economic position without relying on multiple streams of data.

Sample shortage data: Aciclovir.
Aciclovir shortage sample


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