Why Pharma 14

Pharma14 was launched in 2016 in a collaboration between a team of pharmaceutical industry professionals, big data and internet marketing veterans.
Pharma14 was created to answer the needs of many professionals and companies in the pharmaceutical business.
We launched a unique and proprietary algorithm creating a readily available platform accessible to pharmaceutical companies of all sizes.
All data is updated on a monthly basis and offered at the most affordable membership plans.
Pharma14's three main products are:

  • 39 full country medicine database. (The countries we cover)
  • 1,500,000 medicines - full information about each drug including - Ex-factory, Wholesale and retail prices + reimbursed information.
  • First approval date and marketing authorizations for all molecules from USA, Europe and EU15
  • Monthly updates!
  • Active ingredients, ATC levels, administration routes, strength, trade names, MA holder information, real manufacturer information, leaflets in PDF format and much more.
  • Consumption data for Germany, UK, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and more.


Drug Price